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Chapter 1 – The Best Of The Stolen.

"Come on Santana!" Daelyn yelled. She was a 4'6 ten-year-old girl with short brown hair, bright blue eyes and an eager attitude.

"I'm coming; I'm coming, geez…" He sighed as he climbed up the hill. Santana was a 4'9 and also ten but a ten-year-old boy Santana was a 4'9 and also ten but a ten-year-old boy with sandy brown hair almost blonde, and tree brown eyes and a lazy-might-as-well look at just about everything.

"Bye Dad!" She yelled.

"Bye…Mom…" Santana panted. She turned smiling and ran off as Santana followed wanting her to slow down.

"Those two are so cute." Ms. Ariel Girard, Santana's brown haired, almond eyed mother said smiling at her son's smiling image.

"I guess," Mr. Chip Rice, Daelyn's  overprotective black haired, deep blue eyed father started wearing the face of a concerned father.

"Trust me I raised my son into an exceptional person so there's nothing to worry about there alright." Ariel said defensively,

"And besides…"


"Who are you gonna pick Santana?" Daelyn asked skipping in front of him.

"What's it matter at this rate we're going to be at the town by noon." He replied sarcastically.

"Well so—rry! I actually have more emotions then neutrality, and a spark of happiness."

"Well so—rry I'm not amazing little Daelyn!" He said mockingly twirling around.

"Shut it don't be jealous. Now seriously." He thought about replying,

"I'm stuck between Snivy and Tepig."

"Easy for me I'm picking Oshawott!"

"And why's that Daelyn?" He asked teasingly.

"Well…" She said twirling her fingers and blushing, "Conner said he was getting Oshawott…"

Santana sighed, "What do you see in him? He's totally uncool-"

"Take that back!" She yelled, "Conner is amazing!" They continued to bicker until Santana pointed out (in disgust almost),

"Anyways how's Conner going to be attracted to you in that." She was wearing a short-sleeved short-V-necked white shirt with an old, blue jersey edited into vest form with a 10 on the left side and cuffed denim capri's and long blue boots.  

"Hey!" She yelled in defense, "I picked it out myself."

"Well I guess you're blind…"

"Well I guess you're mean." She said observing his outfit. He wore a red and blue plaid fleece shirt with long, straight fit, black pants with red sneakers.

"Why'd you cut your hair anyways?" He asked looking at the 2-week-old cut.

"Oh." She said picking up a tousle, "Just a change!" She said with a smile. They got there.

"Hey Professor!" Daelyn beamed.

"Hey we've been waiting for you!" She exclaimed as they turned they saw Conner and Allie. Conner was a healthy ten year old with hair in a cowlick style that was so dark is was nearly blue and hazel eyes. He wore a long sleeved, sea blue, button down, fleece shirt with an unzipped purple and black jacket that had a kangaroo pocket with black, skinny jeans.

Allie had matching eyes with long, layered red hair that fell into place. With a light blue super mini dress and matching short, ugg boots she wore a light white jacket with gray faux fur at the end and white leggings.  

"Hey Allie."

"Hey Conner."

"Hey Daelyn."


Professor Juniper sat to the side making a face before saying-

"Okay! Time to choose a starter! We'll start with Conner and go counter-clockwise!"

Conner looked down and picked up Tepig. Daelyn looked surprised and just looked down.

"I'll choose Snivy!" Allie said with a smile.

"I got Oshawott." Daelyn replied.

"What about me?" Santana asked.

"Well I actually have a starter breed especially for you from your Mom." The Professor said turning and pulling out a pokeball. "I've had her for a little while." Juniper continued handing it to him. He released the pokemon which turned out to be a Chikorita.

"Chika!" It yelled coming out. They all looked at it in semi-awe. Conner turned sharply away asking quickly.

"Can I go now?"

"Almost!" Juniper exclaimed, clumsily grabbing out pokedexes and pokeballs.

"Have a nice journey!" She said waving as they all left.


"I'm so happy I at least have a partner!" Daelyn said smiling. "I wish I could have a Chikorita though…" She grumbled to herself. Santana was in his thoughts as he watched Conner walk away.

"I think I'm gonna nickname her." Daelyn continues. "Maybe Otta."

"That's lame." Santana finally snapped.

"If you don't want to nickname yours keep your thoughts to yourself." She said snootily.

"Then who were you just talking to?" She made a face replying with,

"Whatever just shut up."

"But then it'd be awkwardly quite."


"Quietness leads to…"

"To what?"

They heard a loud boom in the distance. Turning around sharply they saw a helicopter rise up and zoom over them. Running over to the location of the noise they saw an entire circle of just earthy dirt.

"Looks like nothing happened." Santana sighed.

"No," Daelyn replied, "Where are all the pokemon?!" They turned sharply around to see the Helicopter land a good few meters away.

"Why would they land so close?!" Santana yelled as they ran,

"Because they thought no one was around, not many people come in these forests." Daelyn replied. They came across a couple of people. They wore black uniforms and the girl (who looked in her early 20's as did the man) had short brown hair, while the guy has messing, almost curly, red-toned hair.

"Look at all these pokemon we took! The boss should be happy!" The woman said.

"Sure should! This is basically a gold mine!" The man replied.

"Hey." Santana and Daelyn said at the same time. "What do you think you're doing?"

They turned around as the guy said, "Look Ronnie, we got caught."

"Seems so Reggie."

"Only one thing to do."

"As beautiful as a rose,"

"And intelligent as a Murkrow,"

"Battle skills like a Kangaskhan,"

"These amazing things have gotten us far-"



"Beating the others at such a fast pace,"

"We demolish them-"


"Beating them at the chase!"

Daelyn and Santana began laughing, almost crying.

"Hey! What are you dorks laughing at?" Reggie questioned, his pride crushed in his voice.

"Yeah, I mean look at all these Pokemon we've captured, isn't it obvious we're beyond you're years?"

"Yeah right!" Daelyn yelled. "If you have to steel Pokemon to acquire them then you're nothing, go Otta!" Oshawott yawned looking around as Veronica threw out hers,

"Go Purrloin!" Meowing as it came out Daelyn replied,

"Oh my god it's soooo cuuuute!"

"Daelyn get serious, go Stacy!" Santana said throwing out his Chikorita.

"Do it Cottonee!" Reggie said throwing out his.

"Otta, use tackle!"

"Stacy follow suit!" They said getting right into action.

"Cottonee stun spore!"

"Stacy dodge!" As the stun spore fell on Oshawott, Veronica took advantage of the situation,

"Purrloin, tackle!"

"Otta!" Daelyn said running towards her new, beat up pokemon.

"I got it Daelyn, don't worry, just return Oshawott." Santana said stepping up to the plate.

"Go Pikachu!"

"A Pikachu?" Veronica said, as Reggie pointed out,

"Hey there's something missing on it…"

"Pikachu volt tackle!" As Reggie's Cottnee yelped in pain, Veronica got serious,

"Purrloin attack!"

"Pikachu thunderbolt!"

"Santan-!" As everyone got electrocuted it opened the seal releasing all the Pokemon caught.

"Damn, let's make a break for it Reggie!" Veronica yelled as they returned their Pokemon.


"It's okay Daelyn, let them go." Santana said helping her up.

"Is that why you told me to return Otta?"

"Yeah." Santana replied with a smile.

"Why would you bring him along anyways? Isn't it pretty dangerous?"

"So are you." She grumbled while he said.

"Yeah but you know how my Mom's a pokemon breeder, it was one of the last pokemon eggs my Dad had made before he died. It was perfect except for the cheek mutation, besides it's not like its weak."

"I understand but still, I don't think your brain can take anymore brain damage."

"Shut up Daelyn." He said as he returned Stacy and let Pikachu walk with them to the Pokemon Center. As they turned, they found a Sewaddle following them. Daelyn picked him up saying.

"Aren't you lonely little fella."

"He should be he got separated in the whole scheme." Santana pointed out.

"Well you can come with me!" She said looking at him. The Sewaddle smiled as she said,

"You gotta have a nickname, how about…Wiki!"

"What kind of name is that?" Santana said, making a face,

"What kind of face is that?" She retorted pulling out one of her five pokeballs,

"Go pokeball!" She said tapping Sewaddle's nose with the button. He went inside and it shook three times as it should and stopped for the capture.

This is a fanficiton I decided to start out of inspiration of other people that wrote fanfictions based on Pokemon. The first one I had ever heard of was Sara's so it got me thinking and I decided to make some of my own. ^^

But unlike Sara's romance will not involved with Canon characters they will be within the series, that's not to say these characters will not make a 'cameo' appearance per say in my fiction, and they will not make an important factor to my story. It is a story of it's own to some degree.

The title is relative to the story in a whole not the first part which is this. The whole title would be 'Sugar, We're Going Down (I'm Just A Notch In Your Bedpost)' and different lines as the story progresses.

Please stick around if you like the story!

There names originate from:

Daelyn and Chip Rice (By The Time You Read This, Ill Be Dead [Julie Anne Peters])
Santana and Ariel Girard (By The Time You Read This, Ill Be Dead [Julie Anne Peters])
Conner (Impulse [Ellen Hopkins])
Allison a.k.a. Allie (Suicide Notes [Michael Thomas Ford])
Veronica and Reggie (Archie series)

Pokemon at the moment:

Chapter 1 The Best Of The Stolen.
Santana- Chikorita [Stacy], Pikachu
Daelyn- Oshawott [Otta], Sewaddle [Wiki]
Conner- Tepig
Allie- Snivy
Veronica Purrloin
Reggie Cottonee
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